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Now Samruddhicha Sakshatkar Part 2 in English

Wisdom of the Mountains.

(Book is now available in Paperback with us)

Quantum Awakening

Quantum awakening has been founded by Dr. Pradeep Pawar who is a psychologist..

Check out Dr. Pradeep Pawar's interview given to Life Positive Magazine.

I was introduced to Pradeep Pawar by a reader who sent me such an appreciative and obviously genuine mail about him that I was intrigued and decided to meet up.

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Sunday, 5 February 9 AM
Monday, 6 February 7 PM
About Dr. Pradeep Pawar

Pradeep Pawar is a multifaceted personality blessed with an innate inclination to Fine Arts, Sculpture, Music, Writing, Acting and Self development.

About Meenal

Meenal has been a management graduate, a medical student and a clinical acupuncturist.